Create pixel-perfect VFX

Creating high-end visual effects is no easy feat. From episodic and movies to commercials and animation, VFX lives at the heart of all the content we watch. That’s why Ocenic is committed to offering VFX solutions for artists and studios, so they can tackle Oscar-worthy projects seamlessly. Our solutions give artists everything they need to excel in their VFX projects and create pixel-perfect content.

Compositing, Editorial and Review


The Ocenic family comes together to make the ultimate Compositing, Editorial and Review solution. Ocenic has created an ecosystem of tools that seamlessly integrate into your pipeline so you can work efficiently from the start to the final delivery.

High-end compositing at your fingertips


Compositing, editorial and review are a fundamental part of visual effects (VFX) and animation pipelines. Ocenic’s solution is made up of different new edge tools, this ecosystem of tools ensures all your digital live-action, and CG elements seamlessly integrate, so you can create epic content.

Powerful node-based compositing


With over 200 nodes available in its scalable node graph, provide the ultimate compositing toolset, so you can tackle diverse digital compositing challenges at any scale and resolution.


  • Quickly place in-depth 2D and 3D elements in using the integrated 3D environment and project workflows
  • Deep image compositing tools reduce the need to re-render CG elements when the content changes
  • With a suite of machine learning tools at your disposal, artists can train neural networks, and create and apply their own sequence-specific effects

Streamlined editorial timelines


Efficiently manage multiple shots with a multi-track editorial timeline, so you can playback and edit complex sequences. 


  • Discover easy-to-use editorial tools with familiar functionality for artists accustomed to standard editorial packages
  • Streamline your export structure with the ability to procedurally conform and distribute projects.
  • Get support for industry-standard file formats and SDI broadcast monitor support, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and formats

Strengthen your review sessions


Review your work in context by dynamically creating timelines and working collaboratively within the Ocenic ecosystem, ensuring more efficient and streamlined review workflows.


  • Seamlessly share your timeline with our softwares, so you can playback and compare render versions quickly and effectively
  • Sync multiple sessions together with users in multiple locations to review and annotate footage
  • Python API allows you to procedurally ingest into your workflows so you can review in context of the edit

Tackle industry challenges

Scales to fit your needs

Discover a vast array of flexible and customizable tools that streamline your pipeline and scale to fit your compositing workflow, so you can combat complex projects with ease.

Unprecedented user control

Enhance your compositing and review workflows with an advanced set of tools designed to give artists a new level of technical and creative control.

Streamlined workflows

Be more efficient with your compositing with a robust multi-channel workflow, allowing you to manage multi-pass renders in a single stream and work natively with high-dynamic-range imagery (HDRI).

Perfect fit for your pipeline

With Python and C++ APIs, Nuke customizes to your pipeline needs. What’s more, Nuke offers major operating systems and format standard support like OCIO, giving artists a simple color management process so they can ensure consistent color.

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